Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Champions

At least 2 billion people would know India is the new Champion and Pakistan the next in the shortest form of cricket.

According to me, the cricket boards and bookies if any out there were the real champions. Because of this tournament, the entire cricket body is awakened and brought back to live. I really did not follow any of the matches closely for last couple of years and didn’t really lose anything.

Few months back, we witnessed “Flop” world cup with two big nations out of the tournament, shock, and death of Whoolmer. The World cup lost nearly half of his viewership because of two nations exit and the sponsors bitten by the big names. After all the bookie scandals, we were little cautious whether the whole series were set-up or matches were really won by the better teams.

Now at least 1.2 billion people are brought back to discuss about cricket, good or bad, viewership is back, sponsors are revived, will silent the new league and real booster for cricket boards. What ICC earns from this?

Cricket is not even considered as a game in the American continents. They don’t believe spending the whole day or 5 days in the ground rather this 3 hour game will definitely sell here. Isn’t interesting to see a pitcher run and throw the ball to get smacked down with clean hits. And with great fireworks and with extra gimmicks, this Twenty20 form will bring the rest of the world to join the party.

The winners are the Governing body, the cricket boards, players and sponsors. I don’t know the losers but wish lame man’s 1000 rupees should not go waste.

What about the India – Australia series, I bet India would win the series 4-3. Just guessing..

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