Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vacation to Office...

I cannot describe the days between January 12th and January 29th...full of excitement, happiness, enjoyment and fun. The reason could be..I have never had an vacation for a while..possibly nearly 5 years in my professional life. I don't want to come out of this mood and still want to enjoy tiredness felt from my travel.

Raj marriage, Nawaz marriage, Tirupathi, Pazhani, Erode, Kalasthi temple visits, shopping for the weddings and sister's kids. I have done what wasn't done even in my early years, this 10 days was the most eventful and fun filled.

Still miss out few mates to meet mostly my school mates..

It is great to have a vacation..so people go for it..


Butterflies said...

Seems like u were craving for a vacaion...may be staying abroad life got every monotonous :) Gud for u!So how does it sound being back to work?

Anyways this is Shuba from Expressions.This is my new blog profile!Expressions doesnt exist anymore!

Beautiful Mind said...

Hey..sorry..didnt know still people check my blog..Thanks for visiting.

First two days didnt get out of my desk and craved to bed for another 2 days..I was literally junk :(
Work brought me alive and now normal..