Monday, May 03, 2010

Community Council..

HCL Team in San Antonio kick started the community council two months back. It's very interesting to enroll, maintain the roster and getting the team together. But, I need to appreciate few individuals who were the backbone for putting this team together. Gopi, Mohanraj and Sendhil has been outstanding support and carried the entire initiative. Now Minakshi with the perfect background on this initiative joining the bandwagon is an added advantage.

The Best part is the entire team agreed to put Minakshi as the front face understanding her appreciative and stands true to the objective. Yesterday was our third event and would say one of our best outings.

We helped in organising the entire event (NSF Foundation, San Antonio chapter) and evaluation basically end-to-end operations.

Our first outing is participating in the Habitat for Humanity, non-profit organization, helping in construction of homes. The second one was relatively lesser hardwork and closing working with Children's Hunger Fund on their Haiti Project.

It was a great team outing with a genuine objective. Hats off to everyone.



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