Friday, July 15, 2011

Reason for a Biriyani...

I am really blessed to have a job and have all my close kin in my home town. Most of us live in the same neighborhood and we just need some reason to catch up. If we don’t have a reason, what the heck, we do make up a


We are an extended family means real extended family…this time we figured out our cousin’s birthday as one of the reason. We still presume each of us know each other and nothing to hide. And the best part is we all grew up as kids and still look each other the same.

She was kind enough to arrange a grand lunch for say 30 people. We arranged the “Dum” Biriyani cooked by a specialist and the women took the rest. Not only kids like me even the elders are pampered by the beautiful women of our home. She added an extra touch of handing out T-shirts and little kitty for the women. I don't want to list the menu and make everyone envy.

Good Lunch…Variety of Ice Creams…Fighting with nephews…Two movies…It was a nice Sunday to spend out with family. This is where I belong, no doubts about it.

The best part is this will continue every weekend for next one month…reason…Tamil month “Adi” Koozh for Goddess Mariamman.

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