Saturday, January 14, 2006

Gift after a long time..

Scene 1.
7:40, Deepak wake me up and shouts India is in bad position. Pakistan had batted through the first day 326/2. This idiot is going back to India and wanted to spread his enthusiasm. I begged to allow me sleep and reminded him about the time I returned from work. But he succeeded. No Other go. Scolded him and Started my Day.

Scene 2.
08:05, I asked to get an USB from Office Depot and order an IPod. The reply was negative. He asked me to get the stuff. Thought why this guy is not helping me out. He pushed me out of the house and reminded to keep in touch with Barun and get the house key.

Scene 3.
Around 11:50 wanted to call this guy and wish him happy journey. Thought this guy would not that courteasy to call and inform to me. Enn Friend aache.. but, My boss Hatts called and started to ask about the status of work. Kept my phone and forgot to call this guy.

Scene 4.
12:10, I received a call from him and he is asking me to take care and said Good bye. Lets meet in Chennai or Bangalore. I was surprised. Enn Friend aache. Also told he had kept the key in the bed.

Scene 5.
18:15, Surprised to see a note and Shirt for me from Deepak. Check it out, how cool it is. Do you know guys Deepak is the most awesome guy I had ever seen or met. :-)

Thanks Deepak. Thats Awesome da.

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