Saturday, January 14, 2006

Last week Sunday..

I wanted to get up by around 11:00 am. Last Saturday was very bad indeed, working till 10:30 pm. God! who said work time gets over by 4:30 and people strictly works from monday to friday. Man proposes God disposes. Didnt had a clue, how I woke up by 7:40. Thats it.

Chatted with Deepak for sometime. Only Companion in my room. Called to Swaroopa and confirmed that would make to here home today. Also invited her and Siva for dinner. Both going to Italy, so should arrange this dinner before. Asked her about shopping.

Spoke to Shriram, Chatted about all the Offshore and Onsite matters and other Claims to be done in Onsite. Told to him about my LA trip and New year celebrations.

Spoke to Kamesh, invited him and Suji for the dinner. Told him about coming near to his place.
Arul called me and told about his sudden Houston trip. Project location has changed suddenly and was given 2 day notice. The time is now 11:42 and I need to catch the 12:30 train.

Rushed to bath and came back around 12:03. Asked deepak to check the train timing. Its late, I need to take a cab. Went down to streets to find it so empty. This is how Downtown could be. Full of day time activities during Week days and Full of night time activities during week ends.

I went to the next street, La Salle Still empty, went near Chicago river still empty and no cabs around. Finally got the cab and it was 12:22. Here comes an Indian to help me out.I started thinking about the next train 14:30, ok I am going to miss the shopping stuff. He helped me in near the station by 12:25.

The good thing is, we can get the ticket inside the train itself. It was 12:28 when I got into it. It was a eventful.. the time spent there was more eventful..

Good to have friends all over the place

Dedicated to Kamesh, Suji , Swaroopa and Siva

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