Monday, January 22, 2007

Happy News...

Today, I was watching Vishnu's Marriage photos..I really dont know I was so happy to see one of my friend getting married. And some kind of happiness spread over when you hear your good ones are into some kind of happy news.

I am eagerly looking forward my trip to India...after I got list of marriage news... not to get married but to attend those functions.

Susi's engagement, Sandhya marriage, Pradeep's marriage and list still goes on..
And after hearing..Shan's marriage news, PK's D-Day and Bharathi's too..I went ahead and thought why cant all the guys can arrange the dates in one particular season..

Heard three marriages during July and thought why cant everyone plan to have during particular season so that everyone can plan and attend everyone's function..

So..weird right...Good thinking can sometimes be so weird..but its good feeling.. ;-)

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