Saturday, March 26, 2011

Challenging Times...

It’s challenging times for our family after my brother-in-law fell sick. His heart is deteriorating with couple of blocks made it worse. My sister one of the strong woman who had tiring times in past has been devastated. She had lost his father at the age 21 and mother at 24. I am confident she would come out of this. It was also mistake from our side, consulting the respiratory specialist for his breathing troubles and never went further on the heart-related tests. With advance of technology, lessons learnt from our own family medical history and money not being constraint, it is a total failure from our side. He is 41 years old, an astute athlete playing badminton daily and sprinter in past representing his college. Nothing matters right now other than bringing him back home fully recovered.
Please keep us in your prayers and in God we trust. I will keep this post updated. Thanks.

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