Sunday, March 20, 2011

Respect Demanded or Commanded...

I remember the country road which leads to the Kelambakkam through Sholinganallur. I always cherish the travel that too during the college days adds cherry to the memories. We had no traffic lights or system to monitor. After 10 years, Sholinganallur is the most happening hub connecting to all parts of town; you could go to East coast road, towards Pallikaranai or Air Port and also Kelambakkam (IT Highway).

I was waiting in my cab returning from my office to home in the signal and the traffic constable rushed towards. I realized he was trying to catch the biker who was travelling without helmet. The biker just showed the finger and rushed past the constable. The police constable couldn’t catch him or no system to track him. The biker knew, he has to bribe at least 150-200 rupees and additional punishment for not obliging to the police. That’s the respect police deserves. I was so pity on one side seeing the police plight but on other side it was the right thing for the Common man.

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