Saturday, February 23, 2008

Current Readings..Lincoln Rhyme

January I took with me "The Third Option" to India, thought would be useful during the travel time. It was just too much build up and did not interest me like Jeffery Deaver books. Probably could pull people related to central intelligence stories..but it didn't interest me.

But, I completed this on my onward leg and I felt the end was incomplete.

After coming back here, read "The Devil wears Prada".. seen this movie already but wanted to read the book. Because I wanted to read how are the characters been portrayed and descriptive words. You cannot imagine to work under a woman like that and felt few of the catchy scenes in movie are not mentioned in the book.

Now, went back to Jeffery Deaver's "The Cold Moon", somehow the Lincoln Rhyme character impressed me a lot. If you had seen Denzel Washington in "The Bone Collector", he is Detective Lincoln Rhyme in the movie. He does really suited for that role, couldn't think of anyone.

So, "The Cold Moon" should definitely been an interesting read.

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