Saturday, February 23, 2008


I am very bad at watching movies..don't follow any of the Tamil or Hindi movies. After coming here, used to watch lot of English movies, came across all categories worst, great, classic, good and bad. My last Tamil movie would be "Deepavali" when I visited India last year.

Started this year with "Pirivom Sathippom", "Bheema" and lot of movies..this new year really brought a change..Possibly my room mates tend to watch movies, thats the reason I myself end up watching those.

Just now, watched "Kaalai" ... it is better than "Bheema" I hate "Bheema" 80% fight and 20 % songs. Coming back to Hindi movies..we watched RDB, Swades again...very nice to watch..I would also recommend "Iqbal" movie, simple characters and delight to watch.


Butterflies said...

Don miss :
Jab we met
Taare zameen par
Jodha Akbar

For a change try Kaloori(it has a sad end but)

Beautiful Mind said...

Wanted to watch Taare Zameen Par..missed out Jodha Akbar yesterday, was released yesterday here..