Saturday, February 23, 2008


There are around 350+ HCL consultants working for my customer at onsite alone. This is kind of huge presence for any company or any customer. Two months, I argued with my director about people coming with various ideas and different channels to implement it. Another friend suggested of having a newsletter. My director asked me to take up this and use as medium.

It was very tough to take everyone back to their times where they lived with passions and different interests. I thought this idea of bringing the creativity should help people of refreshing their minds. But, the response was bad or pathetic. Luckily at least 8 people were supporting me and joined of team.

We had no clue of designing or content creation and did not get any support from many people. This was a challenge. We created our own content and designed the newsletter using Microsoft Word 2007.

It was great feeling to work with Word 2007, it removes all the needed softwares for design and gives a plug in to safe as PDF document. So, the magazine was designed with great care and more professional way.

It was published this Monday and the response was too good. I didn't except any positive remarks but it was great feeling. Every one in this Creative team felt good.

It felt great when you drive things and implement your vision to reality. Lot more to accomplish.


Butterflies said...

Nothing like trying yr passions out and getting appreciated for it..keep rocking!

Beautiful Mind said... was great to see the entire team getting appreciated.