Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Evening Relaxment..Sleep..

I came little early from office around 5:30 pm, surprised to find alone in home. I was wondering what anyone can do in the home all alone. Thought I would get some virtual company by logging on to internet and did some routine mail checks which resulted with no positive results.
[Stats: Gmail (0 mails), Yahoo (1 group mail from Srini) and orkut (nothing). ] Sometimes, even your mail fails you.

Then, moved on to next entertaining corner of our house, our food court, fridge. Nothing much except some dairy products and fruit juice, My promise to diet control reminded not to touch Ice Cream. Guess what I did next, took some Kellogg's and finished it off.

I wanted to finish my Harry's second book but could not match my urge to sleep. I felt like beaten to death. Good thing was, I was able to recognise Saravanan and Mahesh entering the house and trying to talk with me. Sounds Great !!!

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