Thursday, May 24, 2007

Memorial Day Memories..

I wanted to make this Memorial Day week end the most memorial one.

Last year Memorial day was really adventurous and exciting. It was the first long drive for me..believe was really a LONG one..We started from San Antonio headed to Atlanta. We stayed there for a day and half, visited the Coke factory, Mahesh's friend and had the ultimate Madras Saravana Bhavan. I really enjoyed the road drive, for the first time I travelled for 1000 miles on road which took around 17 hours to reach Atlanta.

Initially it was little scary because that was the first drive for Sriram too, he was an amateur with just 15 days license history but he managed well and drove for nearly 450 miles. Were you guessing what I am doing, simply sitting in the navigator seat for the time? Nice place though.
After Atlanta we drove to Memphis through Nashville.

I have heard about Nashville because of our AG account. It was really awesome place with plenty of trees and it was really green but nothing comes near Arkansas. We visited the Vinayaga Temple in Nashville. Luckily we happen to see an Indian marriage with the same flavour and gala celebrations as it would be in India. The Dandia and Groom parade on car was really funny. The whole town was awaken.

We reached Nithyanand's house, Pannir Friend in Memphis. I really loved this part of the trip. Enjoying the home food and that too with lots of variety. Awesome..Thanks for Pakacham Akka. I got the acquaintance of Arvind, nice chap who miss the outdoor activities and outside community. We went to nearby park and played with him.

Then, started the painful return journey, even though it was only 750 miles from Memphis it seemed longer than the 1000 miles. But, we pulled our groves and reached San Antonio. We covered 2117 miles on road SAT-ATL- MEM- SAT.

Okay !!! the flashback is over..Coming to Current plan..

We are not going to drive and enjoy the road drive now. We are flying to Los Angeles and driving to Las Vegas..somehow we got stuck with road again for 270 miles. :-) We have booked a room in Circus Circus Casino and would roam around for 2 days in Las Vegas alone.

I am really excited about this trip and hearing lot of stories about Las Vegas. Let this be turn to be more memorable one.

PS: This is my 100th Blog, I know the only audience is me. I am benchmarking this when I turn back. Let's see how this goes.

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