Monday, May 07, 2007

Tower of the Americas..

It's been nearly 1 year and 3 months in San Antonio and I have never been to Down town, River Walk or the Tower of America, one of few places to hangout in San Anto.

Yesterday went in San Macros with Kumar and today we decided to visit the Tower with Pannir's family.

Pannir and Palani had decided to go back India and wanted to visit few places along with us. Everything was planned, we are supposedly to visit the Tower and River Walk until the rain played a deciding factor.

Later evening, Sun brought some extra cheer to us and informed couple of others to make the plan reality. It was really good time to pass around 2-3 hours in that area.

We also have 4-D Ride to Texas show after visiting the Observation deck. Worth spending time to cheer up your dull Sunday..

Image taken from below site..

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