Monday, May 07, 2007

Thillu Mullu..

After deciding to restrict ourselves with two chappatis, we had some time to watch some movie. Mahesh quickly played "Thillu Mullu", a evergreen comedy from Balachander.

The movie was released in 1981, just around the year when I was born but still I enjoy watching this movie at any time. I would say make the most disgusting manager to watch with his team mates, he would definitely end up in enjoying the movie.

Nice movie with Thengai Srinivasan, Sowcar Janaki, Rajni playing the lead roles in the comedy track. Madhavi was one awesome beauty on screen, really enjoy watching her.

Visu doing the Screenplay and dialogue...The interview scene with Thengai Srinivasan (Short name Subbi Sir..), Sowcar Janaki acting as mother, Indran meeting with Thengai..enjoy every bit of movie..

Have watched number of times and would watch in future too...

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