Tuesday, May 08, 2007

ICICI Cheap Commission..

I had a good opinion about ICICI Money transfers because it was hassle free and quick. I have taken help of my friend to do transfers and sometimes the transfer would not happen immediately meaning not exactly within specific business days. Sometimes it would take more days as it would be take normally.

On all those occasions, the transfer will happen on a day when the dollar-rupees conversion would be low. Cheap trade but still money counts. This was okay because if you go by book everything was correct and perfect. Even though every law should be appreciated by its sprit not by its words alone but it would not the case for commoner.

But, they hit all time low when my room mate some money from ICICI account to his sister's account (not ICICI) but the transaction here is not in dollar - rupees. Still, Sriram transferred 50K to his sister's account but Rs.800 had lost its way and missed out in the transaction.

When Sriram mailed and enquired about this, response was "No Charges will be made for any transaction". so what does it means, saying to the customer "Check your transaction, you would have transferred 49,200 instead of 50,000". It was irrtitating when you lose your money before your eye sight and could do nothing.

Atleast I am requesting them to stop say "Free fund transfer","Tension free transfer"..It sucks..

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