Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July 2006, Moab, Salt Lake City

It's 4th of July, memorable one for million people around me so does to me. If I could rewind exactly 360 degrees back..sorry 360 days of course, I could end up exactly in a Frontier Airlines, flight to Salt Lake City so does another seven guys from different part of cities.

Ghuru from San Jose, Sendhil from Los Angeles, Deepak and Sai from Chicago, Pradeep from Detriot (i suppose), Bharathi from Seattle and finally our host Joshua waiting dutifully to receive everyone of us.
I was so excited to take this flight after the stuff we are going through, hell lot of stuff. Actually I was meeting few of these folks after a long time and Moab was really nice place to take a short adventourous trip.

We did experiment few of the adventures..rowing, hiking, camping, swimming, ATV ride, nice food for all four days in a row. I can never dream of four days break anymore.
But I can dream of those four long..

Thanks a lot guys..


senthil natarajan said...

true da! it was FUN

Shuba said...

I felt i have read the same post somewhere ...where-else?
very well in
Senthil's space..gud!try out more such adventurous expeditions!!!!!

Beautiful Mind said...

@ Senthil, Good that we maintained that spirits and catched up in Chicago this year..and at San jose too..Hope this continues..I heard some smoke is coming out for Vegas..any updates?

@Shuba, Thanks for visiting..Great, you remember Senthil's blog about an year back..thats good. We guys enjoyed a lot and made others guys envy who couldnt make it..