Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter..Still open..

I have never felt the release of any kind of movie or book...I am not a kind of person who rushes for the book on its release and lock myself to complete on the same day..

I felt everything has it own exceptions, so does the Harry's seventh book. I didn't do any pre-order which I intended to do. I thought I would get the same book from library later this week and complete it. I dont want to hear from some one or from news source to let out, this is the final story and blow up the grand finale..

Got up around 12:00 noon, decided to get the book from nearby Barnes and Nobles. We did the groceries, weekly movie DVD exchange and got the book.

Started to read the book around 5:00 pm and halted bit to do my turn of cooking, Vegetable Kuruma. After having my early dinner, get on to book around 9:00 pm again after a 2 hour refresher.

I did not browse the net or check my mails or any of the forums...kept myself tight..

I did completed the book an hour ago..I felt it was a good read..opening up lot of questions...

PS : If anyone wants the book within US, I could ship the book. I can also give my address so you could return it back after your reading and research.. :-)


Shuba said...

The release of the book has such a hype in Chennai..wid all the news channels talking 5 mins on it....and also every news papaer had a page to write on it..Good signs!

Beautiful Mind said...

Yeah..very good signs..

I heard..170,000 legal copies sold in India..and heard news about book piracy..