Friday, July 27, 2007

Weather-beaten Week..

It was a good week until now, I know its going to be little pressure next week. It's not the work, its going to be how you are placed. We are going to experiment new next week and gave my managers Green. I think everything is in place.

It is not going to be Mourning Monday, I am going to rock Dallas this week end. It is going to be kind of work related and fun with friends kind of trip. First kind of meeting for me. I was about to go Sunnyvale but it was rescheduled and relocated to Frisco, Texas.

Mahesh wanted to meet his cousin Eshwar and Sriram wanted to meet his college pair, Siva (she) and Thendral (he) in Dallas. My company is taking care of my travel, so rented a SUV rather a car and hitting the highway. Saravanan is also going to join us.

We have booked Town Place suites Mariott nearby Frisco and these guys are roam on Saturday. I would be joining the fun on Sunday. They have already picked up couple of restaurants, I heard lunch at Udupi Cafe. I wanted to go to this "White Rock Lake".

Oh..forgot to mention.. It was raining cats and dogs in San Antonio..

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Jeevan said...

it was going to be a great fun it seems:) The White Rock Lake pictures are beautiful!