Monday, July 16, 2007

Bad day on road..

We planned to go out both for lunch and dinner. We started our regular route to Madras Pavilion, everything was good until reaching the service lane to IH-10 East..
It was little downhill and raining a bit. A car was waiting on the stop board in front of us, Mahesh saw the car and applied the brake. But, even after applying the brakes, the car slipped with water and "Bang !!!" hit the Nissan Sentra 2004 model.

We were traveling in Mahesh's Camry, our favourite. Immediately after the hit, the girl who was driving could not believe the bump. This was the first close to accident kind for Mahesh in his 3 years of driving history. He was very upset and the girl too started to cry.

We called 911 and waited for sometime. She was moving to her town and going to join her new job from Monday.. So the day was spoilt for her, so does for us.

The cop came after 45 minutes of call, but it was good break. The people got relaxed and started to get used to it. We were waiting on the highway and everyone passing us were gazing the damage caused.


Vidya said...

Your profile location shows India but from your description, it appears as though you were in the USA!

I hope all of you have recovered from the shock. Luckily, none of you are hurt!

Thank you for visiting my blog!


Beautiful Mind said...

Vidya: Thanks for visiting mine. I came to yours from Senthil's space.
Yeah, I am in San Antonio for sometime.
We were shocked when the girl started to cry, I felt so bad for her. :-( and one moment forgot my friend's vehicle got hit too.. :-)