Sunday, July 08, 2007

Why Men can never be trusted...

I heard this quite often and I myself tell to many of my friends..Never trust a Man..
How can anyone phrase this :-) We always see the negative thought of this phrase.. Let me think something postive about this.

Why we should not trust men..

1. Because Men are dynamic and every decision they take depends on that particular situation or environment. So, when one person (female) wanted to implement a thought, this guy would sometime fail not because she told but because of the situation. Makes sense right !!!!

2. Because Men are more honest. Men always carries honesty on their chest..So, Never a trust a man for false will be backfired..

3. Because Men are more sincere..let it pave to the way of success or can definitely see the sincerity..Trust me..

4. Because Men are sentimental, he is emotionally bounded..Every decision he makes some kind of emotion attached to it..

5. Because Men are not self-centered...anything they do or think it will not be for his own.

PS: All this positive stuff may not be applied to minority part of Men.


Divya.B said...

If men are all that you've mentioned, world should be at total peace, at least the sincere and honest parts.
But tell me, there should be some stuff, where if once decided, it should be honoured no matter what, right?
It might be unethical to go back on decisions based on situations later. I mean, there should be a line, and who draws it?

Shuba said...

That was a great blog!!!!A justification from a!

//1)Men are dynamic and every decision they take depends on that particular situation or environment
2)Men are more honest
3)Men are more sincere
4)Men are sentimental
5) Men are not self-centered
6)All this positive stuff may not be applied to minority part of Men.

Wow a set of pefect Paradox( not oxymoron)......hahah

This is first ever time i have read justification from men's side...

I feel u can never generalise men or women..though few traces might be similar.
Honesty,sincereity,senti,emotional beings,open hearted are all not generic traits of men!

I would say there are gem of doubt.But I don agree that minority men cannot be trusted...

Its the same with females...So i feel trust is more to do with individuals and cannot be applied to a gender!

hopefully im not offensive!

Beautiful Mind said...


It's very true the world will be total peace.. thats everyone's dream

Sometimes, we always take it granted with so near and dear ones. Thinking they would understand us and expect them to accept us, whenever wanted we can always go back to them. But, not, trust me its the either way around. That was the tough leason life had taught me, sometimes I used have nightmares for making that one false decision.

Coming back to drawing the line, why should someone draw a line when you think the relation is unconditional (this is about personal), If it is your professional life, you are always going to bite the bullet so leave that area.


By all means, I agree with what you say and no offenses meant. It doesnt really be with gender rather Humans..

// But I don agree that minority men cannot be trusted..// , does this mean, majority of men cannot be trusted ???