Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Potter beats Potter..

I dont follow any of the sales report or records, Sorry, I could not control myself. Figures does matters not the text..I gathered from different websites and news..Thanks for posting in the net..

THE seventh and final Harry Potter book sold more than 11.3 million copies during its first 24 hours on sale.

812,000 copies

70,000 copies

8.3 million copies

2,652,656 copies

170,000 genuine copies

Czech readers have so far bought 1.5 million Harry Potter books

Five million copies of the Harry Potter Chinese edition have been sold in Taiwan.

In the United States, Barnes & Noble Inc. also reported all-time sales, saying Monday that 1.8 million copies were purchased in the first two days, including 560,000 in the first hour, a rate of more than 150 copies per second. The audiobook is a record breaker, too: 225,000 copies in the first two days, according to Random House Audio's Listening Library.

Online retailer Amazon.com announced it took in 2.2 million pre-orders for the new novel worldwide, surpassing the 1.5 million advance-order record held by the previous book.

Borders USA chief executive officer George Jones told AFP at the weekend that it was the biggest day in the bookstore's history, with 1.2 million copies of the Potter book sold worldwide on Saturday.

Penguin India tied up with Britain's Bloomsbury to distribute 230,000 copies of the book in India. Most of these books are expected to be sold in the first three days.

Gleebooks, which has already sold 2 million Harry Potter books, is expecting first-day sales of Deathly Hallows to break all records. Sales of 350,000 are expected in Australia.


Jeevan said...

It seems a big record!

Beautiful Mind said...

Semma hitu..good to be part of the fun..
thanks for dropping to check the stats.. :-)